Financial Planner

So what is it that makes the absolute best Financial Planner for you?  For the past 20+ years, endless testimonials, and countless referrals, we can say without a doubt, the answer is customer service!  So whether you are in Boca Raton, Miami or any of the other 15 state we are located in, you will get the best customer service experience.

When our clients call, as elementary as it may sound, we call you back.  When we meet with our clients on a quarterly basis, there is nothing to buy, it’s just a service platform that we adhere to that our clients find tremendous value in.  On each quarterly meeting we discuss one of the following:

Chronic Illness

Contract Review

Income/Expense review

Legacy/Wealth Transfer

A Financial Planner you choose to help manage your money should be one that knows your “financial direction” better than you do.  One who knows that products will always change, but that your financial goals will not.  If you need to generate current income off of your investments, you will most likely always need to generate current income. So a Financial Planner that understands your needs will only recommend products and investments that fit your specific financial direction.

Contact us today and allow us to sit with you to discuss what your financial direction is and see if what we have makes more sense or not. Or simply fill out our form on our Contact page.